The Story So VAR…

Last week, Premier League clubs voted against the introduction of Video Assistant Referees to the league, instead preferring to observe another season of the system being used in the domestic cup competitions in order to make an educated decision as to whether to implement VAR in the future. With the new technology coming under severe […]

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When The Winter Breaks

With many Premier League teams enjoying a fortnight off from domestic duty thanks to the double header of the FA Cup Quarter-Finals and International Break, it offers a chance to reflect on the recent announcement that the FA are considering introducing a winter break into the English game in the 2019/20 season. With the rest […]

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A Day Out At…Hertha Berlin

“Nur nach Hause, nur nach Hause, Nur nach Hause gehn wir nicht!” The full force of the Hertha ultras standing on the Ostkurve of the Olympiastadion could be heard well outside the confines of the historic ground. I should know because, having arrived in plenty of time for my first taste of a live German […]

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In Frankfurt I Heard Ein Zwei Drei

Monday night’s 2-1 victory over RB Leipzig, staged amid fan protests against Bundesliga games being moved to Monday for broadcasting purposes, saw Eintracht Frankfurt leapfrog their opponents and jump into third place in the Bundesliga for the first time this season. The hard fought victory against a fellow Champions League chasing competitor offered further proof […]

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The Kids are Alle Recht

This summer clubs in the Premier League spunked a record £1.4bn in the transfer market as Uncle Rupert’s magic money tree, fed on the tears of working class football fans earning below the living wage, pumped enormous BACS transfer shaped fruit into the bank accounts of top level football club owners across the country. As […]

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