Death Of The Salesmen

The official announcement of Virgil Van Dijk’s £75m transfer to Liverpool on New Year’s Day takes Southampton’s gross profit from player sales in the last five years close to £300m. In that same time, they’ve refreshed and restructured their squad using the vision of five different managers, trying to remain competitive in the Premier League […]

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The Kids are Alle Recht

This summer clubs in the Premier League spunked a record £1.4bn in the transfer market as Uncle Rupert’s magic money tree, fed on the tears of working class football fans earning below the living wage, pumped enormous BACS transfer shaped fruit into the bank accounts of top level football club owners across the country. As […]

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Jim White’s Lines (Don’t Do It)

It’s the most ludicrous time of the year. The bi-annual collective mind-prolapse of football managers, players, fans and media that is Transfer Deadline Day is once again upon us, and offices across the country are mysteriously half-filled as grown adults use their annual leave to sit watching other grown adults standing outside football stadiums trying […]

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