Nice One, Cyrille

Monday brought the tragic news that Cyrille Regis had passed away at the age of 59. Tributes rightly flowed forth from all corners of the football world, from his contemporaries to the myriad of players he had coached, mentored, or even just inspired. A universal sadness among supporters spread across social media, while pundits and […]

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FA Cup Third Round - The Talking Points

Gatecrashing 2018 like an irresponsible YouTuber in a culturally sensitive woodland area, everyone’s favourite weekend of the football season brought renewed cliches, condescension and unnecessary portmanteaus. The third round of the FA Cup, where Goliath deigns to show up and take on David, who’s been swatting aside challengers of at least similar size up to […]

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The Checkatrade Atrophy

The Football League Trophy was conceived as an opportunity to provide cup football for the teams in the lower tiers of the football league who traditionally have not troubled the later rounds of the League and FA Cup. An opportunity to retain an interest away from the humdrum of weekly visits to the likes to […]

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