Death Of The Salesmen

The official announcement of Virgil Van Dijk’s £75m transfer to Liverpool on New Year’s Day takes Southampton’s gross profit from player sales in the last five years close to £300m. In that same time, they’ve refreshed and restructured their squad using the vision of five different managers, trying to remain competitive in the Premier League […]

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Eleventh! Premier League Week 11 Review.

Not content with groping hopefully through Brexit negotiations in an attempt to secure some semblance of a future for the United Kingdom, it has transpired this week that several notable MPs have been groping hopefully in the past too. Revelations that thirty-six Conservatives have been accused of ‘lurid behaviour’, including six cabinet ministers, come as […]

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Premier League 2017/18 Season Preview

Ladies and Gentlemen, like an adulterous father sloping back into your life after spending the summer wining and dining his mistress in Kings Lynn, the Premier League has returned and it’s more opulent than ever. England’s finest have been spending money like it’s (literally, if some Brexperts are to be believed) going out of fashion […]

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